Customer Support On the Go with Zendesk for iPad

Customer Support requests can come in at ANY time. As a small business owner, your clients may or may not recognize your “regular business hours of blank to blank.” So the ability to at the very least respond to requests is essential, even if a solution won’t be provided until you get back to your office.

Zendesk helps mobilize your customer support portal with its suite of mobile apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. With more screen real estate to play with, the iPad app now joins that group with added functionality, and to give your eyes a rest. Features include:

View Current Ticket Activity: Get real-time updates and receive notification on tickets assigned to a team member through the ticket activity stream – An exclusive iPad feature.

Complete Ticket Work-flow: Act on tickets immediately, or bookmark a ticket to respond later. With the iPad app, users can create macros to send pre-defined responses to frequently asked questions.

…Not mention the coolness of using your iPad to handle customer support requests if you decide to do a little work while on vacay. Zendesk plans start at 10 bucks a month and the mobile apps (including the iPad) are free. As quick and easy it is to start handling tickets like a pro with Zendesk, it is now equally as fast to get started answering customer requests, no matter where you are, with Zendesk for iPad.

…Your eyes will thank you too!