Notification Control Provides One Place To Change Email Notifications

Every time you sign up for yet another web service or social network, you have to decide what email notifications you want to receive. At first you think “I want all the emails because you guys rawk!” As time goes on you say to yourself “All these email notifications are getting on my last nerve!” Going to each service to adjust your notifications can prove to be a time-suck. Setting up filter, after filter, after filter in your email inbox may force some emails you actually want to get lost in the shuffle.

With Notification Control, you can adjust your settings from a number of services all in one location.

The cool thing about Notification Control is that you don’t have to go down the list to authorize NC to access each and every service you want to manage. If you’re already logged in to those accounts, NC will jettison you right to the correct page where you can change your settings. Read More

Organization Tip: Use @myEN to Sends Tweets to Evernote

I use Evernote to save just about everything. The most important feature to me is no matter which device I use, I know all my notes will be synced up for access anywhere, even on the web.

I say “just about everything” because I was still doing some wonky stuff when it came to saving tweets to view later in Twitter. Sure, I could save them using the built-in favorites feature, but that’s only for messages in your timeline.

If you want to send tweets you compose to Evernote, there is an underrated feature that lets you do so by adding @myEN (My Evernote) to a tweet. It can be anywhere in the tweet and it can be a public tweet/reply or a Direct Message for your eyes only. As long as it’s there, your tweet will be sent to your default notebook in Evernote. Keep reading to learn how to set up this awesome feature. Read More

TripIt Travel Organizer for Android gets Facelift

TripIt is my go-to mobile app for organizing all my travel info. It works like this – Once I get a confirmation email for my travel plans (airline, hotel, car rental, etc.), I can forward the email to and the service will organize my plans in a neat and easy to read itinerary for me to view online or via mobile app. I can also manually add travel info like conferences, meetings, etc. to TripIt for even more travel detail. Read More

Group Mail HD Simplifies iPad Contact Managing

This is one of those apps where you wish Apple would buyout (or blackmail) the app developer and make this app functionality a core feature. Group Mail HD simply gives you greater control over your iPad contacts.

The main portion of this app is the ability to create/edit contact lists (groups), a feature not available in the native iPad contacts app. Additionally, any groups you made if you sync with other mail/contact apps (Microsoft, Exchange, Google, etc.) don’t come over on the iPad. With Group Mail HD, you now have greater contact control on your iPad. Below are the additional contact options available:

– ADD / REMOVE contacts to/from groups and CREATE new contacts.
– SEND EMAILS to groups
– ADD / EDIT / REMOVE emails of contacts very easily and quickly!

Again, you would think functionality like this would be commonplace in the native contacts app. Since it’s not and you do want greater control over your contacts while surfing your iPad, go ahead and download Group Mail HD for $1.99 (iOS 3.2 or later) over on iTunes.