iOS 8 is a big step forward for Families & Digital Parents

Attention Digital Parents! You’re going to love this one.

Right now, there are a few problems for digital parents and their connected families. From difficulties with sharing the things you’re doing and love, to managing apps, music and TV shows purchased on different people’s accounts, digital parents can often get overwhelmed trying to manage it all!

With iOS 8, coming to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch this fall, Apple is hoping to make things a little bit easier.

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Finding the perfect 4G Tablet for my Dad

My mother called me a few days ago with a simple question:

“What kind of tablet should I buy for your father’s Christmas present?”

Should be easy to answer, right?  But, she had a few requirements:

– Must be 4G
– Large, bright screen
– Easy to use
– less than $400

And with that list, the pool of qualified applicants dwindled significantly.  However, this list of “must-haves” might also need some examination.  First off, we’ve explored previously in this blog that 4G doesn’t always mean “faster”.  I explained to my mother that, while dad may want the fanciest new technology, it might not actually provide a tangible benefit.  Unfortunately, I could hear her shrug through the phone; “Well, you know your father!” Read More