#neverbepowerless with the Duracell Powermat 24-hour Power System

We’ve talked with Duracell Powermat CEO Ron Rabinowitz, showed you how the system could be a lifesaver during a hurricane, and today we get to show you yet another huge commercial (this is really a week for big commercials, huh), this one featuring none other than Jay-Z himself.

Oh and by the way, like the looks of the club in the video? Jay-Z’s 40/40 isn’t just a backdrop to this commercial, it could be the backdrop to your next big party! Mario Armstrong Media and Duracell Powermat are teaming up with several Socialcam users to throw a huge party in New York City on September 12th. Be sure to save the date—we’ll be able to talk about the full details soon!

Charge your cell phone by walking or running around with the nPowerPEG!

This morning I appeared on HLN to talk about some new and innovative ways to keep your devices charged. Here’s some of the products I talked about:

nPowerPEG: This amazing device turns your kinetic energy, whether thats from walking, running, biking, etc. into power for your cell phone or tablet. Even better, unlike the vast majority of tech devices on the market, the nPowerPEG isn’t made in China—their factory is actually in Cleveland, Ohio!
Power Bag: This amazingly innovative line of backpacks, luggage, and messenger bags actually has a battery inside of it, along with the plugs you need to charge your tablets, eReaders, smartphones, tablets and more! So you charge the bag, and then the bag can charge your devices when you’re on the go! You can buy one from their website, mypowerbag.com, but also find them at Amazon, Best Buy, Macys, and other major retailers.

The Lutron Control App Helps Your Business Take Control of the Power Bill

Last month, the power bill in my 750-square foot New York City apartment climbed to $315.  This is definitely enough money to impact my family budget.  And it made me think about my office, where we have roughly 10 times as much space to heat/cool and 30-50 times as many electronic devices (including a used drink fridge for our beer and soda).  That’s a one heck of a power drain.  Savvy electricity conservation isn’t just good for the environment- it’s good for your businesses’ bottom line. Read More

Portable Power for Your Moble Devices

I don’t know about you, but I break out in hives and develop a slight twitch when my mobile device’s battery indicator drops below 15%. My symptoms really get bad when I am nowhere near a power outlet and/or don’t have my laptop bag filled to brim with cables ready to power each and every device I own.

For those times when plugging in to charge a mobile device is NOT an option, portable power is the answer. The arena is relatively new, but is a must as more and more people depend on mobile devices to get them through the day. So I am going to feature three different options that will wake you up from a mobile battery drain nightmare.

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