Socialcam Show Episode 5 – “The Guest”

I was on vacation this past week with my family (Spring break! WOO!) so unfortunately I couldn’t fill my regular role on the Socialcam Show. That’s okay, Shy handled things fine while I was away and even managed to score an amazing special guest, none other than Mr. Teddy, the one man show behind Across America for Childhood Obesity. Mr. Teddy is currently in the process of biking 22,000 miles across the United States to bring his message of self-empowerment and exercise to school kids all across America. And be sure to check out part 2 below, where Teddy and Shy reveal a great new “feature” of the show. Simply make a video on Socialcam and add the hashtag #ineedhelp to the title. Whatever you need help with, Shy, Teddy and I will check out your video and figure out what we can do to help you achieve your dreams.

Socialcam Show Episode 4 – “The Mama”

Shy and I are back again this week with the latest episode of the Socialcam Show, which aims to highlight new features and cool or funny videos on my favorite mobile video app, Socialcam. This week we watch a serious video about leaving the corporate world by AliceAnn Williams, a hilarious one by Joshua the Riot, and one from Thailand that we’ll never be able to find again.

If this is your first time tuning in to the Socialcam show, don’t despair! There’s tons more Socialcam goodness for you to check out. On Episode 3 Shy and I take a look at a bad haircut, as well as a funny solution. In Episode 2 I throw Shy’s hat and destroy our studio, and in Episode 1 you can see how it all got started, as well as enter a contest for a $50 Amazon gift card.

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The Socialcam Show Episode 3 – “The Hair”

It’s here! The latest episode of our weekly show dedicated to my favorite mobile video app Socialcam. If you’re just tuning in, this is Episode 3 of the show I’m doing with our web editor Shy—each week we take a look at two hot videos on Socialcam as well as explain the hottest new features. If you want to watch the original videos we talk about in this episode, here they are: “Ditching” by Trinity, and “Hey Johnny Deeper!” by none other than NEO. Make sure to check them out, and follow them both!

If this is your first time tuning in, don’t despair, you can go back and watch Episode 1 – “The Kid” as well as the disastrous Episode 2 – “The Hat” on Socialcam as well.

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