Find the Time to Get Things done with Free Time app

Coming off the heels of my last Small Biz Go Mobile post about the TaskRabbit service that helps people hire on-demand help to run errands and do other tasks that you may not have time for as a small business owner, is a cool little iPhone app that helps you quickly and easily identify time in between scheduled appointments…that could possibly be used to log on to TaskRabbit to find help to do stuff you don’t have time for. Read More

Keep Track of Hours Logged in Projects with ClockIn

Instead of “guestimating” time spent on projects for clients to record on invoices, you can manage your time accurately and with less work – the same way you manage your contacts, emails, appointments, and other facets of your business – with your smartphone. ClockIn is a simple and efficient iPhone app that allows you to monitor the time you spend on a project and among multiple clients.

With ClockIn, you can clock in and out of projects the same way you used to “punch the clock” back in the day. Total time on each shift is shown on the main screen and automatically updates live when you clock in or out. You don’t have to leave the app open on your phone to record your time either – ClockIn remembers that you’re punched in even if you close the app to tackle other tasks on your phone. You can also manage multiple clients at one time by saving clients/shifts info (name, website, email, etc.) to quickly refer to them at any time. Export reports in HTML and CSV formats (WiFi only) and email reports directly from ClockIn.

Sure, there are other sophisticated applications that allow you to track time and do all sorts of things, but they can come at a cost and may not be the best way to go if your schedule has you on the road meeting clients, attending conferences, and other business meetings. If you do find the time to work on a client’s project, the ability to whip out your iPhone, open up ClockIn and track your time quickly is worth its $2.99 price tag (OS 3.0 and up).