Mario’s Top 3: March Madness, Groupon, Street View [TODAY show video]

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1. March Madness Live App

Watch all of the games LIVE on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, check scores, watch highlights from past games, and find out which channels are showing which games right now.

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2. Java Jolts Groupon

Groupon recently sold over 100,000 coupons for an online Starbucks deal where you could get a $10 Starbucks gift card for $5. Interest was so big though, it brought the whole Groupon site down!

3. Google Street View Goes Off The Road

For a long time, Google’s Street View has allowed you to look at any street in the US where there vans have gone and photographed not only what the street itself looks like, but the business and homes surrounding it. If you’re planning a trip somewhere unfamiliar, this was a great tool to try and locate a business, see which side of the street it would be on, and even double check to see if it was actually there! Or even just take a trip down memory lane and check out a city you used to live in and see what it looks like now. But now Google is taking it off the street and into some wild locations. You can virtually hike the Grand Canyon, check out a Monastery in Tibet, and even tour around historic Italy. Hit up this link to see all of Google’s off-road Street View Collections.