Mario Armstrong’s Dream, Create, Go!

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1. Dream, Create, Go! Tour
2. Summer Programs
3. STEAM social network for 8-12th graders — TechTechBoom

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ASAP – WE NEED YOUR HELP with DONATED GIVEAWAYS for PRIZES, T-shirts and any other novelty items we can toss out into the audience or place in grab bags. THIS IS FREE – WE JUST WANT PRODUCTS, T-Shirts and COOL novelty items to giveaway to the kids while I ride in on a segway :-)

If so please email me: marioshowideas “at” gmail “DOT” com


Mario Armstrong’s – Dream, Create, Go! a workshop event focused on inspiring students to pursue STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) courses and careers, with an added element on the Environment . This event is a traveling show that engages students  and shows them how STEAM relates to their education, careers and inspirational current-day role models. Complete with a DJ, giveaways for students, a website for resources and connections to No Child Left Behind – this show is powerful, brings immense energy, positivity and inspiration to empower and excite students to Dream, Create & Go!

Produced and developed by Radio and TV tech-media personality Mario Armstrong. This event is interactive and audience engaging, with cool tech demonstrations. It showcases hot, new technologies and devices, featuring slides of contemporary role-models and discussing new career and academic opportunities in each specific area. This high-energy, educational and entertaining event attracts youth, commands their attention and infuses them with the excitement, energy and roadmap to be a success in these industries.

The event is well choreographed, highly interactive with audience participation and uses video, audio and hands-on products to make the presentation better relate to audiences.

On stage we setup 5 cool product stations that are covered giving a sense of illusion, one for each specific area below. The products and devices that Mario will showcase are cutting-edge and grabs audiences attention. Mario will showcase the academics needed to pursue these areas, the possible career opportunities and exciting role models who are doing it NOW!

For this event, sponsors are integrated into the content presentation of the show. This gives sponsors a high-profile opportunity to speak about their company and themselves as part of the interactive presentation. Information on sponsor’s company will be included in our on-air radio/tv promotions, our website and club email newsletter, during the show while they are on stage sponsors are highlighted on large projection screens.

The 5 areas that we will focus on are:

1. Science Module:
Education: Computer Science, Material Science, Earth Science and Natural Sciences
Career Tracks: Biologist, Aerodynamics, Oceanography, Environmentalist, Astronaut
Cool products and the Science behind them: Underwater digital camera, NASA inspired football stadium dome, Under Armor Sports clothing (products subject to change)
Role Models for the Science area are discussed and featured as part of the on-screen presentation.

2. Technology Module:
Education: Information Tech, Information Systems, Networking, Interactive development
Career Tracks: Programmer, Product Engineer, Interface Designer, Video Game Design
Cool products: Toughest laptop, Video Game Motion Capture, Smart Phones etc…
Role Models for the Technology area are discussed and featured as part of the on-screen presentation.

3. Environmental Module: Clean energy, environmentally friendly design, energy-efficiency
Career Tracks: Environmental Engineer, Field Scientist, Naturalist, Geologist
Cool products: Solar vest that can charge electronic devices, Wearable solar chargers for cell phone or iPods, XO Laptop One Laptop per Child designed for environment and to be the 1st green computer
Role Models for the Environmental area are discussed and featured as part of the on-screen presentation.

4. Math Module:
Education: Geometry, Algebra, Problem-Solving
Career Tracks: Robotics, Geographer, Video Game Designer
Cool products: Motion Capture, GPS and Google Earth
Role Models for the Math area are discussed and featured as part of the on-screen presentation.

5. Engineering Module:
Education and Career Tracks: Solar design, Physics, Environmental, Biomedical, Civil, Chemical, Aerospace, Nuclear
Cool products: Segway zero-emissions human transporter, Adidas Computer tennis shoe, OQO worlds smallest laptop
Role Models for the Engineering area are discussed and featured as part of the on-screen presentation.