20% of Business Users Cling to IE6

As reported in Information Week, some 20% of business users still use Internet Explorer 6 despite known security risks.  Despite the urging from Microsoft themselves, whether through inertia, lack of knowledge or an odd attachment to the underdog, businesses haven’t all seen the value in updating this ‘expired’ software.  And these ‘old-school’ browser fans will have the good company of Her Majesty’s government, as the UK government has resisted employee led efforts to have government computers upgrade.

Right now, some Google Apps won’t work with IE6, nor Amazon and it was announced this week Facebook chat will no longer support IE6 integration.  Hitting people where it hurts, their online shopping and chatting with friends, might just be the  impetus to get some users to modernize.

Internet Explorer 8 is free and has much improved security in addition to lots of other improvements.  Don’t let inertia keep you back, upgrade now!