Stay up to date with Skygrid, now available on Android.

The popular iOS and self-proclaimed “#1 Free Business News App” Skygrid is now available on the Android platform.

If you’re unfamiliar with Skygrid, it’s a business news aggregator that originally gained popularity through their iPhone and iPad apps.   Skygrid culls news info from various sources, like top mainstream news sites, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, product review sites, and others.  This info is then sorted into 25 available filters that can be managed through the handheld app.

Content curation has become increasingly important in a world where rapidly-multiplying online data streams flood our senses with information. So, the great thing about SkyGrid is that you can add custom filters to the news, delivering only the latest content in your fields of interest to your phone.  Skygrid has another really cool feature, which is that their patented algorithm tracks how quickly news is spreading across the web (effectively labeling ‘hot’ or ‘trending’ topics).

Information through Skygrid is displayed, not through simple metrics or preset categories, but by people, topics, and events.  This data is combined with a description of how fast the news is traveling. Skynet also allows you to share the news via email, Twitter or Facebook.

SkyGrid also has standard aggregator features like the ability to filter news by category- i.e., with news centralized around politics, sports, entertainment, etc.

So if you’re an Android user looking for trending topics and news via handheld, you might want to stay up to date with Skygrid.  Download the app with this QR code: