ProntoForms – great app to help you capture data in the field!

ProntoForms is a useful app for those of you who have to submit paperwork while out in the field. It’s perfect for small businesses that use inspections, audits, timesheets, surveys or basically any paper that you use can now be digitized. ProntoForms can be customized and match up to the processes of your Mobile Workforce – in areas like selling, inspecting, tracking, ordering, reporting, etc. ProntoForms gives you a much more efficient way to mobilize that paper data collection. The app can be used on more than 200 devices from 20 different brands, including but not limited to: Windows Mobile Devices, BlackBerry’s, iPhones, web browsers and tablets.

Three immediate benefits from using an app like this are: 1. Accuracy 2. Eliminate unnecessary revisits 3. Eliminate the need for all the transcription of paper data. ProntoForms enables you to view and extract metrics from the field, create reports in pdf and export data for reporting in realt-time while in the field, which tremendously increases productivity and accuracy.

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