Giving Away $1,000 With AT&T’s My Business Cares #ItCanWait Campaign

it can wait assembly heritage academy prize from my business cares and AT&T

A little while ago I had the pleasure of presenting a $1,000 donation to a local school thanks to AT&T’s My Business Cares #ItCanWait campaign. I also got to personally thank the small business owner that made it possible! Plus we did an assembly at the winning school, Heritage Classical Christian Academy in Missouri, to educate students about how dangerous distracted driving really is.

The campaign is still going on, so keep reading to find out how a school you care about can win $1,000.

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Everlane: Quality Basic Clothes at Affordable Prices… All Online

Have you heard about new online retailer Everlane? Their pitch is that they take out the middle man on luxury goods to deliver better prices to consumers – like a combined wholesaler & retailer. They also source all of the manufacturers themselves, so Everlane can tell you exactly where the products were made. It’s a great idea, because they’re using the web to bring down prices while increasing transparency!

I ordered a couple of T-Shirts just to check it out and make sure the quality was really what they promise.

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The Cocoon Slim Backpack – Fits Up to a 15″ MacBook

cocoon backpack 15" slim packed mario
My Cocoon Backpack in Action!

This is absolutely my favorite bag right now. I’m getting ready to go to SXSW later this week, and the Cocoon Slim Backpack is DEFINITELY coming with me! The design is so smart: the Cocoon holds everything in safely but it’s only 3.5″ inches deep even when I have it totally packed. That picture above? That’s all my random stuff – external hard drive, laptop charger, glasses case, etc. etc., all strapped in so it’s easy to find and not getting damaged no matter how much it gets jostled around.  Keep reading for more pictures!

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Alzo Joyous Light: Beat the Wintertime Blues For Less Than $5

alzo joLate winter sometimes seems like it’s going to drag on FOREVER! February and March can leave me wondering if the sun is ever coming back, and that’s why I’m loving an easy and cheap way to fake it till Spring! The Alzo Joyous Light can deliver light therapy  — and make you feel a whole lot better — for less than $5.

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Apple Will Bring Five Nights of Music to SXSW at iTunes Festival


Apple has just announced that they’re coming to SXSW in a BIG way this year! They’re calling it the first-ever US iTunes Festival, and each night will feature a global music superstar. Apple has already announced that Coldplay, Pit Bull, Keith Urban, Zedd, and Willie Nelson will perform, and Apple will continue to add performers to the five day schedule.

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The Super Bowl ads I actually liked this year

best super bowl commercials 2014

The Super Bowl was a big disappointment this year, not just for Broncos fans but for everyone expecting the can’t-miss game of the year. On the other hand, as always, there were a few outstanding ads.

This year don’t waste your time trying to watch or re-watch every single one of the Super Bowl ads on some other site, because I’ve got a list of just the best ones.

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