iMessages for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch bring rich messaging experience to iOS 5

Tons of exciting news coming from Apple today regarding their new version of their mobile operating system, iOS 5. One feature in particular that may interest our readers is iMessage, part of the new Message app that will come free with the new OS update.

iMessage is something that should be familiar to BlackBerry phone users, as it brings to iOS features similar to BlackBerry Messenger. In addition to multimedia features like rich text and being able to send pictures to your contacts, iMessage is launching with an enterprise-ready feature set including:

  • Delivery receipts
  • Read receipts
  • Typing indication
  • Pushed to all devices (meaning you get the same messages on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touches, if you own multiple Apple devices)
  • Works over 3G and Wifi
  • Secure Encryption

This last feature, secure messaging, is something users have long associated exclusively with the BlackBerry platform. That will soon be baked into iOS for all your devices is a huge, free upgrade for businesses that have already transitioned to the iPhone for their employees.

The news keeps rolling in, so stay tuned to this space to find out what else is changing on mobile from Apple, and be sure to check out Apple’s overview of new features coming to iOS 5.