Find what you need with Poynt

As a business person who’s often on-the-go, I often need to find something familiar in an unfamiliar place.  Enter Poynt, a great “place finder” app; it’s free, and it has some great features that make it stand out in its field. First of all, the price is right.  Poynt is free to get and free to use.  Second of all, Poynt works well on just about all smartphone platforms, and has service in the US, UK, Canada, and many European countries.

Poynt uses GPS and WiFi to determine your search location.  Once it’s got you dialed in,  you can find the nearest location with the product or service you need with just one click.  You can also call the business that you’re interested in, saving the listing to your contacts list and sharing the listing with a friend.  You can even map out your trip, all without leaving the app.

Need to take a client out in a town you don’t know?  Poynt has you covered.  You can search by distance, cuisine, or name.  Find out the hours and prices, check out the restaurant’s website, make a reservation, put the res in your calendar, and email the event to your client, all from inside the app.

Poynt also does a really great job handling movie times -it makes planning a trip to the movies super easy.  No, not a lot of business value here; but hey, even us business folks want to go see a summer blockbuster every once in a while.  Poynt also has great localized weather features and can even help you find the best gas prices in the area, which can be a big savings if you do  lot of travel by car.