Is the Amazon Kindle Tablet Running Android Finally Arriving? Press Event September 28th

A couple of months ago, staff writer Nick Muntean put together a great piece explaining why Amazon’s Kindle Tablet could be your next Digital Media Center. In his piece, Nick looked at all the different component parts, from Amazon’s Video-on-Demand service that comes free with a Prime subscription to recent Amazon acquisitions. Nick determined that Amazon aren’t just preparing a 21st century eReader, but a device that will take on both the iPad and your media center.

Nobody actually knows what Amazon has up their sleeve and Joanna Stern, writing for ThisIsMyNext, notes that this Amazon event may be about little more than a touchscreen e-ink Kindle. She could be right, but Amazon has taken too many steps towards a real tablet computer this year, especially with their Appstore launch on the Android Marketplace. Plus, MG Siegler actually used one a few weeks ago, lending a lot of credibility to idea that a launch of what he claims is called, simply, the “Amazon Kindle,” is happening very, very soon. Like next week soon.

So tune in next Wednesday to see what we find. The tablet market is shaking up, and we intend to be there with coverage and analysis for you, every step of the way.