More Mac Rumors: New Mac Mini, 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display, iMac

retina display on macbook pro
Retina display on the 15″ MacBook Pro. Will there be a 13″ model announced next week?

The rumors are still flying about next week’s Apple event in Cupertino. In true Apple fashion, “there’s more” than just the new iPad-mini to look forward to: new computers. It makes sense that Apple’s share of the business and work computer market has been on the rise. Users rely on a seamless experiences between their phones, works machines, and tablets, and Apple has developed a reputation for offering the best software for this experience. So business Apple users should be excited for Tuesday’s announcement: supposedly we’ll be getting a new Mac Mini, a 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and maybe even a new iMac as well.

Let’s start with the one I’m the most excited about, the Mac Mini. Sure, it looks the most boring – we can’t talk about how thin or light it is, or any of that glamorous stuff. But if you run a server in your home or office and are a “Mac person,” the Mac Mini may be the best  $999 you can spend on office productivity. Plus the entry-level model is only $599, is powerful, comes with 500GB of storage and can be used with any monitor (or your laptop). And while you may not think about it that often, the Mac Mini is surprisingly portable: it weighs less than 3 pounds and is only 7″ by 7″ and 1.4″ deep. Try moving any other desktop that easily. And keep in mind, that’s the old Mac Mini, released in the summer of 2011. It’s due for an upgrade that will only improve its specs.

So now on to the more glamorous release: a 13″ MacBook Pro with retina display.

This one makes sense: now that there’s no plain “MacBook,” retina display is the new cost and model differentiator. As a point of comparison, the current 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display costs $400 more than the model without. We can expect a similar, though probably slightly lower, price premium for the 13″ model. Rumors also tell us to look for a 2560×1600 display, the same thin profile as the 15-inch Retina Display model, and all-flash storage.

Last, and maybe least for me, is the new iMac. It’s been years since I used a proper desktop machine, Apple or otherwise, but if I were a little less on-the-go this might be a great option. OSX Mountain Lion makes using iCloud even easier, which in turn means it’s less important what machine you’re using. That means that if you need intense computing power, sacrificing portability for speed may be less of a trade-off. We’re also seeing rumors about a totally updated form factor, but nothing specific.

Remember, these are rumors! We won’t know the real deal till Apple’s event on the 23rd. But we’ll be liveblogging the whole thing right here, so we’ll have facts and photos for you as soon as they’re available!