Ben Taft Showing off Siri Eyes-Free Integration in Chevy Sonic

At South by Southwest this year, we had a chance to see tons of awesome new technology. One piece that really stood out was Chevrolet’s Siri Eyes-Free Integration in the the cheapest cars in Chevy’s lineup, the base models of the Spark (MSRP $12,185) and the Sonic (MSRP $14,185). With touchscreens built right into the dash, app support including Pandora, TuneIn radio, and a $49 add-on turn-by-turn navigation system, these cars are really pushing the limits of what a car company can offer without expensive add-ons. But the most exciting feature is that these models also have Siri built right into the dash. By pressing and holding a button on the steering wheel, the car will pull up Siri on your iPhone, who can take dictations, send and read text messages, create reminders and more, all without you taking your eyes from the road.

In this fun demo, Ben Taft, the Lead Connected Customer Specialist at GM, asks Siri to call his mom. In typical Siri fashion, however, this doesn’t go exactly as planned. Check out the video above to see what happens!