Create, Edit & Share Documents in the Cloud with AT&T Mobile Workplace

AT&T Mobile Workspace Cloud Computing SolutionCollaboration and workflow when you or your coworkers are highly mobile can be tough: accessing documents and keeping them in a usable, standardized format still presents a challenge, especially when you start to have multiple users and multiple devices. The good news is that lots of big organizations have recognized the problem and going for solutions. AT&T recently announced their cloud-based document sharing system, AT&T Mobile Workplace, in an effort to address these exact accessibility and usability issues.

The basic idea behind Mobile Workplace is that anyone in your organization should be able able to access the same document anywhere and from any device. But it’s especially important to keep documents synced and current for the entire company so that no one is working from an old version or overwriting anyone else’s changes. Mobile Workplace’s cloud-based solution takes care of that, both as a desktop client and a mobile app.

Maybe the best feature though is actually just document editing, which can still be laborious or downright impossible on a mobile device. Mobile Workplace makes editing possible and streamlines the process. Plus once documents are synched, they can be edited offline and synched later once an internet connection is available – perfect for flights without WiFi or train rides.

Pricing starts at $6/month/user for the Basic package. There are also enhanced and premium services available depending on which features are right for your business; to learn more about AT&T Mobile Workplace visit the AT&T Small Business site.