Check out these Halloween Apps and Games

Halloween is a great time for Apps to help you get in the spooky spirit. There are tons to check out, so start with the the App Store Editorial Feature which has a ridiculous number of Halloween Apps and Games (iPhoneiPad) to try. Here’s a couple of others I’d call “can’t miss:”

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Not only is the eBook version of this children’s classic interactive, you can do all kinds of other cool stuff with it as well. I like the tool that helps you create your own Peanuts character as well as the ability to carve your own pumpkin. All of the illustrations have been digitally remastered as well, so the book pops in a way that the edition gathering dust on your bookshelf never did. Plus, it combines the voices, dialog and music from the original 1966 animated TV special to really bring the work to life!

Haunting Melissa

Some movies are made to be seen in theaters, others are made for TV. But the newest trend is “Made for App.” Haunting Melissa, a new horror film from the producer of The Ring and Mulholland Drive, is designed for the connected audience. With the new methods of storytelling made available by touch, voice, and cameras, “Made for App” filmmakers have a huge new form to work with that’s only just getting started. So check out this early foray into the new format and enter the world inhabited by Melissa, a teenager who thinks she’s being hanged… by her dead mother!


Don’t lie to me—you’ve always wondered what you would look like as a Werewolf. Now you can finally find out! Take a picture of yourself and let Wolfify do the rest by turning your face into an animated 3D video Werewolf. With options for both He-Wolves and She-Wolves as well as easy sharing to social media, this is a great, fun little app for the holiday.


This is one of my favorite indie games of all time, and manages to be both scary and family-friendly. Playing as a young boy suddenly thrust into a strange world full of spiders, traps, indigenous peoples and bizarre machinery, Limbo is a simple and easy-to-play game that challenges you to use your brain, solve puzzles, and see some breathtaking artwork all at the same time. I paid nearly $10 to play Limbo last year on the PC, which was not as nice of an experience as on an iPad or iPhone, so the app’s price is hard to argue with—it is currently 60% off and just $1.99 for a limited time. Buy a copy, and if you love it, gift a copy to a friend before the sale ends and you’ll still be saving money!