Tech Gifts for Music Lovers: The Best Online Streaming Service, Speakers for Every Budget and More

When it comes to tech gifts, there’s no shortage of options for music lovers, from streaming to speakers, and it’s easy to find a gift at any price point.

First up, let’s look at cool speaker systems that will let you take advantage of your phone to give you quality music options either at your house or on the go:


Phorus:¬†Wireless music system that lets you stream to home stereo system you already own or build out a new one with their speakers. What’s extra cool about this is that the Phorus System now works with Apple devices too, so you can wire up your whole house with their system and control it remotely with an Android device or your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.

HMDX Jam: Portable Bluetooth speaker system that gets surprisingly good sound and recharges via Micro-USB, all for only around $35.

iFrogz Boost Near Field Speaker: This uses the Near Field ability built into your smartphone to play music and amplify it through the speaker. It runs off AAA batteries and doesn’t require using your phone’s Bluetooth, so it’s super portable and you can basically take it anywhere. The classic model is still only $19.99 from retailers like Amazon.

Streaming Services:

Check out Mario’s video for FUSE below where I break down how to choose a streaming service. Regardless of which one you pick, a premium subscription makes a great gift. Check out the websites for Spotify, Pandora, Rdio or Rhapsody for more info.



Airplay & Apple TV:

apple tv tech music giftIf you’ve got an Apple fan in your life, think about helping them build out their music streaming capabilities using AirPlay devices. It can get a little complicated, but I’ve already got a breakdown of how AirPlay works on the site here. A $99 Apple TV will let them play and control music wirelessly, with the added bonus of streaming TV and music too.