Motivate your kids to do their chores with free app Choremonster

The battle to get your kids to do their chores can be exhausting! Thankfully, I’ve found a great free app called “Choremonster” that will actually motivate your kids to want to do their chores. Keep reading to find out how it works.

With Choremonster, parents assign and schedule chores for each child. When the kids say they’re done with a task, it’s sent back to the parents to approve. What makes Choremonster so effective is that it turns completing these chores into a game for kids. So parents can also assign point values to each chore, and as kids complete their chores their score goes up.

That’s fun, but what makes the score really meaningful for kids is that parents are able to set rewards that can be “purchased” with their points. This could be an hour of Xbox, ice cream, a new toy, money, a camping trip—anything you choose. By dangling these rewards in front of the children, it encourages them to take responsibility and makes it fun at the same time.

One really interesting feature I liked is that you can search and add rewards directly from for when your kids complete enough chores and want to cash in. Is that bribery? Maybe. But so long as it gets kids to do their chores, you won’t hear me complaining!

Choremonster is available as a Web App and is also available for iOS devices as well as from the Windows store. According to Choremonster’s FAQ, they’re working on an Android version as well.