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What if you could customize a college degree by combining world class courses from different universities affordably? Marco Masoni sees that in the future of education. He’s a lawyer, writer, educator, and cofounder of Einztein which curates videos and courses from institutions as diverse as Stanford and The British Museum.

air date: February 15, 2011

Small Biz Go Mobile Looking For Part Time Contractual Editor

Mario Armstrong Media has an immediate opening for a contractual, freelance Online Editor to join our team. The hours for this position are 10-15 hours a week, flexible. We are looking for an editor who is passionate about entrepreneurs, small business and technology.
The Online Editor for Mario Armstrong’s Small Biz Go Mobile website will be responsible for the writing of daily posts, managing social media channels, working with and editing submissions from freelance writers, and developing strategies to grow traffic including, but not limited to: concepting and running contests, developing partnerships with similar-minded websites and reaching out to guest bloggers.

The ideal candidate will have 2+ years of experience editing and developing a digital editorial brand, be very familiar with cutting edge consumer and small business technology and be experienced using social media on a professional level to grow a brand.

Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
– Understanding of cross-linking and SEO strategies or willingness to educate self
– Experience writing about technology
– Keen interest in mobile devices, app, productivity services and online tools that benefit small
businesses; must stay abreast of latest trends, products, channels, competitive set
– Excellent communications and writing skills
– Forward, creative thinker able to introduce best blog/social media practices
– Strict attention to detail
– Must be self-motivated and able to meet short deadlines
– Build editorial relationships with third parties

Please check out http://www.smallbizgomobile.com. We want to work with people who are pumped up about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get the most out of technology & mobility.  Send a brief cover leter, links to work, and resume to song@marioarmstrong.com and CC nicole@marioarmstrong.com.

CES 2011 in 5 Minutes

144,000 people, 80 countries, 2700 exhibitors, 1.5 million square feet.

Mario went to CES so you don’t have to. Here are the top 4 trends from CES.

1. Smart TVs: The living room television repositioned as a computer with internet access.

2. Tablets: There were 3 that weren’t the iPad that stood out.

3. Automotive Tech: Voice recognition, in-dash computer systems, social networking, all things that you can do besides drive.

4. Ubiquitous Computing: Never stop using the internet!

air date: January 18, 2011

The Fragmented Web

The World Wide Web’s turned 20 and its creator Tim Berners-Lee recently wrote an essay in Scientific American warning about companies and practices that he says are threatening the democratic potential of the Web. He cites social networking sites like Facebook, closed systems like Apple’s iTunes system, and tendency of magazines to produce smartphone apps instead of web apps disturbing. Ryan Goff, Social Media Marketing Director at MGH joins us to talk about the fragmentation of the web, the days of AOL’s version of the internet, and spreading messages online.

air date: December 28, 2010

The (World Wide) Wire

According to the New York Times, top officials from the FBI traveled to Silicon Valley to meet with managers of major companies including Google and Facebook to expand the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, a law from 1994 to impose regulations on Internet companies. Michael Byrne, editor at Baltimore’s City Paper and staff writer at Technology website Motherboard.TV has been following this story and joins us today to discuss wire-tapping the World Wide Web.

air date: December 14, 2010

A Verdict on the iPad, 8 Months Later

It’s been about 8 months since the iPad debuted. It’s made Time’s “50 Best Inventions of 2010” list. A recent report from IT research firm Gartner predicted that tablets will “displace around 10 percent of PC units by 2014”. Some research analysts have said that it’s the most quickly adopted non-phone electronic gizmo, surpassing the DVD player. It’s Oprah’s favorite “all time thing.” Gus Sentementes of the Baltimore Sun’s BaltTech joins us to look back at the iPad nearly a year after the launch hype.

air date: December 7, 2010

Obama’s Videogame Challenge

President Obama announced a National STEM contest to promote learning through game design and inspire careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

What is your perspective on video games being used in education? Is it a waste of time? Have you ever been inspired to learn by video games? Anyone interested in kickstarting a youth challenge or after school program using games to inspire youth in Baltimore?

air date: October 19, 2010