Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson and Etsy’s Chad Dickerson on Company Culture & Hiring

Fred Wilson is one of the most important Venture Capitalists investing in new technology startups and small businesses today. He’s been around for a long time, has seen a couple of booms (and busts) and has advised companies big and small on how to grow and succeed.

Fred’s kind enough to share his wisdom on his must-read blog, AVC.com, and even¬† goes so far as to ask other tech-industry superstars to contribute their industry expertise. We especially love Fred’s series “MBA Mondays,” where he provides thoughtful expert commentary on a very specific business issue, from how to analyze financial statements to how to finance your startup.

Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist & Principal at Union Square Ventures

You can see all of Fred’s MBA Monday posts here, and even download each post for your Kindle or as a pdf for further consideration. We can’t recommend them enough.

We were especially moved to share by today’s guest post from Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson. It’s a refreshing look at how to recruit for an organization regardless of size. He writes about communicating the spirit of an organization’s values,¬† especially when it comes to recruiting, but also about how an organization’s culture motivates employees. His conclusion?

“When it comes to recruiting and culture, a leader is mostly responsible for tending to the spirit of the organization, and for making whatever adjustments need to be made to keep that spirit strong and powerful. In the end, that spirit matters more than anything.”

Definitely interesting food for thought. Read Chad’s entire post over at AVC.com.