Basic computer cleanup tips for Mac and PC users

Ok, it’s Labour Day Weekend, and you’re probably ready to get out of the office and get to the barbeque! But if you take a little bit of time to clean up your computer today, you could be working on a faster, nicer computer Tuesday morning. That’s why we have some basic cleanup tips for both PC and Mac users.Clean Genius Mac cleanup utility

PC Users
PC users, the good news is that cleaning up your machine is easier than it used to be. A few easy things you can do:
– Make sure Windows is up to date. Download driver updates and service packs.
– Make sure your Anti-Virus software is up to date.
– Uninstall any applications you’re not using (be honest).
– Try WinDirStat to free up some hard drive space. This free program searches your files to see what’s taking up all the room so you can easily delete the worst offenders.
– Use the free program CCleaner to delete temporary files, cookies and web browsing history.
– Advanced users may want to do a complete reinstall of Windows, but if you’re planning to upgrade to Windows 8 next month it’s probably not worth your time.

Mac Users
Honestly, Mac users have it easier. It still makes sense to delete app and files you’re not using, especially big ones, like videos and other media. But instead of going through the files manually, you can use a cleanup program to make it easier. MacRumours has a good list, and we particularly like CleanGenius.