Struggling With Your Typing? Pick Up SwiftKey X for 10 Cents

To celebrate their 10 billionth app download, Google is offering some of their hottest apps for a dime this week. While they’re mostly games, art and music apps (all worth pickup up as well, including the brand new Android port of the popular game Minecraft), one app in particular stands out as a great deal for the mobile professional: SwiftKey X.

While I’ve always found typing on Apple devices to be a breeze, Android keyboards are a crapshoot. While the Gingerbread keyboard was a huge improvement on the phone side, and the Ice Cream Sandwich one even better, plenty of users want real predictive text that can help them write sentences not simply complete words.

SwiftKey X isn’t perfect and won’t completely change your life if you’re struggling with your phone, but with over 23,000 five star reviews in the Android marketplace it’s clearly a welcome addition to a lot of user’s mobile arsenals. For a mere 10 cents, you owe it to yourself to try.

LINK: Purchase SwiftKeyX from the Android Marketplace.