Victorinox Swiss Army Flash Drives Aren’t Just Secure, They’re Unhackable

In today’s mobile business world, data is king.  Having the right files at your fingertips can be what makes or breaks that big deal, and you never know which deck is going to give you that competitive advantage.  With more and more data able to fit onto smaller and more portable devices, the age-old problem of data security has gotten even more complex. After all, the information that helps you close the big deal is exactly the information that you don’t want to drop on the floor for the competition to find.  Or, maybe you need to store your client’s financial information and want to make absolutely sure that it’s not divulged to a local identity thief. In either case, Victorinox (yes, the same folks who brought you the Swiss Army knife) has just what you need. It’s called the “un-hackable flash drive”, and it keeps your information completely safe while you’re on the go. Read More