Mario (Ur Digital Lifestyle Expert®) on the Rachael Ray show

Tune in this Friday to catch Mario’s Rachael Ray interview! Check Show Times for your area For my Baltimore peeps, Ill be on WMAR-TV from 9-10a then on Rachael Ray from 10am EDT. We are having an informal “viewing party” at One World Cafe in Baltimore near Johns Hopkins University. They’ll have the tv’s on full blast, so come have breakfast & mimosas from 10a-11a! :-)

It was awesome being a guest on the Rachael Ray show! She was a gracious, professional and savvy host and her production team is incredible! The behind-the-scenes perspective really shows how hard these folks work! From booking to going on-air they made sure everything was completely smooth, even though it looked like complete chaos! The producers J & A were really great peeps! Thanks, ladies!
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On the show Rachael & I talk about some online safety tips. This episode was taped before the FaceBook privacy changes so keep that in mind when you watch. I honestly feel that many people should pay more attention to what they are revealing about themselves online. Some of the sites I mentioned like; FourSquare, Gowalla & Loopt! I love to use these sites BUT many people are NOT using these sites safely and they need to be educated and made aware to enjoy the services more and be safe while doing so!

Tune in this Friday 10-11a EDT on ABC OR hit me on twitter or FaceBook for the Baltimore viewing party :-)