Guest: Fenorris Pearson, CEO of Global Consumer Innovation and Bruce Spivey of Gramaphone gives TV buying tips!

Guest, Fenorris Pearson, is the CEO of Global Consumer Innovation (GCI) and Author of -“How To Play The Game At The Top”(available on Fenorris knows first-hand “How To Play The Game At The Top”, He played it –WORLDWIDE while employed by Dell as VP of Consumer Innovation, his responsibilities spanned Europe, Asia and the Americas and had annual revenues of 300million-500million. He was also VP of Global Organizational Development, where he collaborated directly with The President of Motorola and Executive VP, to lead a 27 billion dollar WORLDWIDE reorganization of Motorola’s business.  Fenorris teaches us how to advance and make it to the top of your career and he uses the internet to help coach you.

Guest, Bruce Spivey informs us on how best to buy your HDTV –

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