Honeywell Total Connect Automation App for Android

Honeywell is well known for its building management products. With Automation becoming more and more feasible by the average consumer who doesn’t own a 100,000 sq. ft. facility, companies are adapting their products so that the not-so-huge business owner can take advantage of the same features and benefits that major companies enjoy when using their products.

That could be some of the motivation behind Honeywell releasing a new Android app for its popular Total Connect services that gives the user the ability to arm and disarm their systems, receive e-mail alerts when an alarm trips, and access video from inside and around the premises. As a busy business owner who travels a great deal (meetings, conferences, etc), but needs to keep an eye on their home base, Total Connect customers can now use their Android smartphone to keep track of what’s going on when they are on the go. Check out Honeywell’s Total Connect site for details about the system and products.

The Android mobile OS is making waves in the mobile industry for consumers and businesses alike, and Honeywell including an Android app (in addition to its iPhone app) is more proof of the fact that people are jumping on the Android bandwagon at a rate that businesses large and small can’t ignore. This adds more options for the consumer and expands businesses customer base.

So if you have a business that is currently thinking about creating a mobile app to reach out to that mobile but connected customer base; or you are a small business owner looking for ways to keep the business running while you are running, there is more than one mobile platform out there and the chances that considering all options will do nothing but improve your operations are pretty high.