Windows Remote Desktop for iOS – Splashtop

It’s official- Happy Holidays, everyone!  With yuletide cheer comes joy, home-cooked meals, fraternity, and the disruption of your daily routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holiday season…but we all know that in business, especially if you run a small business, time away from the computer can be stressful. However, holiday help is just a download away-  stay away from the keyboard and keep the power of your desktop in your hand with

Splashtop.Splashtop (formerly DeviceVM) recently released its remote desktop app for iOS devices.  This new app’s purpose?  Giving you Windows content on your handheld device.  According to the press release Splashtop will let you “watch movies, listen to music, or access any other Windows files and programs, including full web browsers with Flash”. To take advantage of this, all you’ll need is a WiFi-connected Windows machine on your local network. As of right now this app only allows you to take care of some business or watch flash videos on your iOS device while you’re at home. However, with releases like this the future of remote access is really looking bright.  Technology like this, used over a VPN, would allow folks to have their offices in their pockets and purses everywhere they go.  Although there are some concerns that the technology (especially as it relates to the speed of 3g and 4g style wireless networks) will not work as seamlessly as advertised, I’m hopeful that this capability is just around the corner.  Apps like Splashtop certainly indicate that others are thinking in the right direction.  Although tunneling and emulation are always a technical challenge, I think that the prospects are looking good.