Rumor: Google Nexus Tablet

According to the Russian mobile blog Mobile Review (you’ll need to switch to English if you’d like to read the blog, unless you’re fluent in Russian), LG has been tapped to produce the Google Nexus tablet for the Mountain View-based Internet giant. Details are scarce (and of course unconfirmed), but according to the site the tablet will be used by  Google as base for the development and testing of Honeycomb (Android 3.0), their latest tablet-optimized operating system. This new device should be ready in “mid-summer or early autumn.”

Definitely keep in mind that this device could just be an engineering prototype to be used by Google internally for Android tablet development and wouldn’t necessarily lead to a consumer-facing product. However, the idea of Google producing a tablet that stacks up to iPad 2 in the same way that their Nexus S phone challenged iPhone 4 is an idea that will create a lot of buzz among tech junkies and Android fanboys.  If it really happens, it could have a big impact on the future of tablet integration into your business.  The fact that Google has delayed distribution of Honeycomb source code to outside developers definitely lends credibility to this rumor, so I’m not willing to dismiss this with a das vadanya quite yet.