Apple starts selling an Apple Store for your home

This is huge news coming from Apple. Steve Jobs is soooo smart on this one. They know that the Apple cult , I mean fans will drool all over this new product. Apple is selling its own version of the Apple store so you can have a replica of it in your own home (freakin’ “genius bar” idea)! I mean it’s down-right brilliant for them to diversify their product line beyond electronics and start developing products that further enable the cult I mean the fans to further spew the Apple gospel. This will make a great conversation starter among your Windows friends for sure.

My favorite part of this new toy is the Optional Line Pack you can buy to create that “wait-in-line frenzy”. Imagine playing with this at home you could line up people for all sorts of announcements you can make up yourself, like Apple is launching a new gaming system or whatever your imagination can drum up – just think of all the hours you can spend as you “imagine shop” in your very own Apple store. You can even play with your imagination at the “Apple Genius Bar”! You can increase your IQ or feel like a complete idiot depending on the questions you pose or you could choose to be an impatient customer or be an obnoxious Genius rep – it’s totally up to you with the new Apple Store PlayMobil.

Available now for $29 and is great for ages 4-84

Let me know in the comments how you would use it in your home! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

By the way this is an April Fools joke in case u missed it :-)