TripIt Travel App: Good – But the Best?

If your job, profession, or small business keeps you in different cities on the regular (or, if you’re just a jet-setter like that), the free TripIt app for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry or WP7 ($40/year for TripIt Pro) can be a valuable tool for laying out all of your traveling plans in one place, in addition to notifying you if your plans suddenly change. Whether you need to adjust your plans, or the hotel, airline, transit, etc. changes them for you, TripIt can keep you in the know when it comes to your complete travel plans. Some of the apps features include:

  • Viewing all of your itineraries in one location, even if your are offline
  • Put in an address or familiar location, and get maps and directions straight from your itinerary at the tap of a finger
  • Phone number links to airlines, hotels, restaurants and more, directly from your itinerary. Tap to call
  • View other TripIt users close to you via the TripIt Network

Of course with any app (or anything for that matter), there are be some bugs, fixes, or just plain ol’ annoyances that if worked out, could make the experience awesome – TripIt is no exception. So my main man Rod over at Simple Mobile Review has outlined some of his suggestions on how to make TripIt the best travel app on market today.

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