Loyalize Drives Mobile Engagement

We already know that Google+ wants your business, but does your business need social features? You betcha.  Let’s talk about Loyalize.  What is it?  Well, Loyalize is an audience participation company that drives engagement across connected devices.  What can this mean for your business?  Basically, it means you can set up a fully-branded experience around your product.  It also means that you can allow your customers to interact and participate with each other even when they’re not at the same physical location.

Loyalize provides white-label services to your business. It can support hyper-local audiences, like the folks who frequent your store; or, it can support worldwide audiences during live TV shows, sporting events, political debates, and even the Royal Wedding. You know that real-time graph that charts the opinions of home-viewing Democrats, Republicans, and Independents during live political debates?  That’s Loyalize.

The great benefit of a product like this is that it provides what we’re all looking for with our brand: real engagement.  Loyalize converts passive viewers into active participants by encouraging them to play games, answer questions, and the big one – discuss your brand with others.  This system works on just about any device under the sun (seriously, it’s hard for me to find an internet-connected device that isn’t compatible). Your customers earn “badges” and loyalty points, which can be redeemed for real world items; all of this is handled by Loyalize’s ‘redemption portal’.

Your customer base is already connected, online, and eager for new social experiences.  Most would really love a feature like this, and if they’re dubious they’re generally easily won over by the draw of coupons, free swag, and other added value goodies.  People love free stuff, but even more than that, they love to win.  This is why gamification is all the rage (think foursquare badges, or turntable.fm avatars).  A real-time social experience can make your brand stand out in a crowded field.

The really great part?  Analytics.  In today’s metrics-driven business world, metrics are king.  Analytics is what makes Facebook a billion dollar company, (it’s not the “poke” feature).  Analytics provide insight into your consumer’s behavior.  They allow you to identify the customers who are big influencers as well as track ROI on campaigns and social media marketing. You know the old adage, “half of your marketing dollars are wasted, if only you could figure out which half”?  Analytics like this can remove the guesswork in determining the most effective marketing strategies.  So check out Loyalize if you think that these social features might be right for you.