#BeRelentless: Week 5 of #NeverSettleClub

For week 5 of my #NeverSettleClub I’m teaching you how to #BeRelentless and keep pushing beyond the end of the program to turn your passions into profits. This week, I teach you how to set big, meaningful goals for your business, how to create an executive summary about what your business does, and I push you to create a comprehensive 90-day plan to keep your momentum going!

There’s also a huge announcement about how the #NeverSettleClub will continue beyond these initial 5 weeks! You’ll have to watch the video to learn more.

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Statup Seminar – Part 2: Earn Money to Earn Money #DreamCreateGo

Last week at the “Shutdown? StartUp!” free webinar, we talked about how you can identify your passions, pursue them as a startup business, and monetize them along the way. Today we’re going to talk about how to earn money.

If you’re furloughed, underworked, underpaid, or in-between jobs, you don’t have the time to wait for a paycheck while you build a business because you need food on the table today.

So today I’m going to talk a bit about how you can put money in your pocket THIS WEEK. Because there are a ton of apps and services you can start using NOW! Read More

The Parking Attendant Problem (Identifying Your Passions, Part 2/2)

Watch me discuss the so-called “Parking Attendant Problem” on YouTube here:

Missed part one of this series where I discussed how you can identify your passions before sitting down to start your business? Watch it on AT&T’s Networking Exchange blog here.

Today I’m going to talk about the so-called “Parking Attendant Problem” which is a way to help you figure out how to pursue your dreams and goals while you still have a job. While some people have what it takes to just jump out there and risk it all on a crazy business or idea, that’s not for everyone. I’m personally a little more conservative with how I approach risk, and I like to be on the safe side of things and calculate that risk.

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CUBED: Work smarter on your smartphone with “Documents to Go” app

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: entrepreneur Jodie Yule is constantly traveling and working from her smartphone, but needs a way to get even more done while on the go. Right now, she’s juggling an endless stream of office documents coming in, but she has to wait until she’s back at the office to work on anything. Since she has a smartphone on her all the time, wouldn’t it make more sense if she was able to squeeze some work in during all those little moments in-between deliveries of her product, a weekly newsletter delivered to restaurants and coffee shops called “Coffee News”?

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Grow and Monetize Your Personal Brand – Mario Armstrong at Brand Camp U

On May 20th, 2013, speaking at Brand Camp University in New York City, Digital Lifestyle Expert™ Mario Armstrong talked to the audience about his personal journey from being laid-off to creating his own company, growing his business and brand, and how he got to a point where he was managing a team of 6 and regularly appearing on TV and Radio nationwide. Mario discusses what it takes to build a personal brand, and offers his best ideas on how to monetize a personal brand.

My 5 Tips For Better Meetings to Get You Closer To Your Goals

mario armstrong tips for better meetingsI’ve had a lot of big meetings lately that have HUGE potential to help me achieve my goals, both in the short term and my bigger goal of getting my own national TV show. So it seemed like a good idea to revisit a video I made awhileback talking about my 5 tips for big meetings and what you should do to make sure you get the most out of that face time you possibly can!

When you get a big meeting with someone that can help you achieve your goals you definitely want it to go smoothly, leave a good impression, and try to get to a place where you have some real, concrete things you can follow-up on, either for yourself or with that person.

My video below is about what you can do to make those meetings work for you. It’s my thoughts from a meeting with Daymond John, but it’s still the tips I live by for every meeting and I think will help you too no matter what your goals are or how you are trying to pursue your passion.

Mario Armstrong’s CUBED — Pronto Forms

It’s not often I’m told that when visiting a business I need to pack some old boots! But business today isn’t all clean office environments and suits—it’s dirty work too, like Veteran Compost in Aberdeen, Maryland. Justen Garrity, founder of Veteran Compost, is a veteran of the Iraq war who came back after the crash to find there were no jobs and no real sources of employment left for him. Working a day job and on the weekends while going to school at night, Justen built an amazing business collecting food scraps from local businesses and turning them into compost for local farms to purchase.

Like a lot of businesses, Justen tracks almost everything on paper—pickup times, compost temperatures, almost everything is written down and stored in manila envelopes. While this is fine for a business that’s just getting started, as your business grows you have more and more information you’re trying to process and handle. Enter Pronto Forms from AT&T. Pronto Forms is all about eliminating paperwork and digitizing all of the forms your employees fill our so that you can store everything in a single location and access it quickly and easily. Employees can even capture photographs or signatures on the go! If you’re on the fence, the cool thing is that you can try Pronto Forms for free for 30 days and see if it will really work for your business.