Ultimate SBGM Contest: Win a Sony eReader Pocket Edition PRS350, BlueAnt S4 headset, or an AT&T Smartphone

Getting free gadgets is what makes the web so much fun, right? That’s why we’ve got an endless treasure chest of things we’re putting in your stocking this holiday season.

This time around, we’ve got three killer items we’re giving away: the PRS350 Pocket Edition eReader from Sony, a BlueAnt S4 headset, and the AT&T Motorola Backflip Smartphone. Head over past the break to find out how to enter.

In their own ways, each of these items represents something important about Small Biz Go Mobile. A smartphone is one of the greatest devices for getting more done on the go, allowing you to catch up on your email, add stuff to your calendar, run awesome mobile apps, and so much more. The BlueAnt S4 is an amazing bluetooth headset that lets you stay safe while driving from the 28% of all accidents caused by cell-phone usage, while still allowing you to make the most of that smartphone while on the road. And finally, an eReader is an awesome addition to any mobile arsenal, allowing you to catch up on important business documents or even just read for pleasure when you finally get around to using some of those vacation days.

We’re using a brand new service this week for our contest called Rafflecopter. It’s currently in beta, but is very cool software since it offers active readers of this blog a way to enter multiple times and really interact with our social media properties in a variety of ways. You can get multiple raffle tickets for the contest by commenting on this blog post, following us on Twitter and on Facebook, liking this post and by tweeting out about the contest. The best thing is, if you’re on Twitter you can enter once per day with a tweet, so come back to this page every day and hit the button down below under the section “How to Enter (once per day)” to maximize your chances.

The contest ends on November 14th, so don’t delay—get your entries in now, and good luck!