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Enter to Win a BlueAnt Bluetooth Car Speakerphone & Stop Texting and Driving

Texting while driving is dangerous. It turns out that in the United States, someone is killed or injured once every five minutes on average in a crash that happens while a driver is texting and driving. AT&T is looking to raise awareness of the problem with their It Can Wait campaign, where they encourage people to […]

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Ultimate SBGM Contest: Win a Sony eReader Pocket Edition PRS350, BlueAnt S4 headset, or an AT&T Smartphone

Getting free gadgets is what makes the web so much fun, right? That’s why we’ve got an endless treasure chest of things we’re putting in your stocking this holiday season. This time around, we’ve got three killer items we’re giving away: the PRS350 Pocket Edition eReader from Sony, a BlueAnt S4 headset, and the AT&T […]

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Win a BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset!

Contests are going to become a regular feature here on Small Biz Go Mobile. After all, why shouldn’t we give something back to our readers? Mario has talked about the BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset before, and you can check him out on CNN talking about voice activation, driving safety, and the Q2 below. But how do […]

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Go Bluetooth Hands-free To Talk While Driving And To Avoid Fines

Here in Maryland, the state is putting into effect the “talking while driving law” (that’s what I call it) at the end of this month, that will come with a fine if a cop catches you talking on your phone while driving. Check the hands-free restrictions in your state HERE if you don’t have wireless […]

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