Yahoo Axis: Aging Search Giant Making A Huge Step Into the Future with Hot New Service

In a time when the word “Google” is synonymous with searching the Internet, have you been wondering what some of those old search engines of yore are up to?  I know that I have.  I have to say that it seems that Yahoo! has not let the world pass them by, with their new Axis product they have impressed me by embracing the modern mobile culture.

The basic idea behind this product is a solid one.  Your web browsing experience follows you from device to device, from platform to platform.  If mobile productivity is your thing, then this simple concept is appealing to you, seamless movement from tablet to desktop with no syncing, really no thinking is required.

This app is focused on what Yahoo! has done classically, search.  One step searching has visual representations of what you are searching for, generally before you have completed typing your terms.  Many results are integrated in a way that you can find what you are looking for without really going off and changing context.  So you can get answers and stay focused on your work.

Axis uses some of the most modern technologies to provide an experience that is very similar on all platforms, so your bookmarks, search history, and recent sites are consistent from your phone, to your tablet to your PC.  I have not been really impressed with Google’s mobile experience, and this looks modern and sexy.

Do you think mobile may be the first chink in Google’s armor of search?  Let us know in the comments.