Mountain Lion hits stores next month for $19.99

Forgot to upgrade to Lion? Or maybe you were just waiting? That’s okay. Even if you’re stuck on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the cost to upgrade all of your computers to the latest version of Apple’s desktop operating system, 10.8 Mountain Lion is under twenty bucks. And it isn’t coming out next year, nope this baby is ready to roll out Apple’s door and onto your MacBook next month!

There are tons of new features coming your way including:

Power Nap which keeps your Mac up-to-date while it sleeps. This means email, calendar, reminders, and even your photo stream are all synced while it sleeps. It can even update apps and download system updates as well as back up to your time machine while you’re away. It doesn’t spin up your fans, and it goes easy on your battery.
Voice dictation in any app
Social integration in all apps—enter your Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Vimeo or other social login info just once, and then use apps like Preview, Safari, and Mail to painlessly share media and links just like on your iPhone
– Vastly improved notifications all come from one spot rather than a variety of apps. Plus, they can all be easily turned off: automatically when you connect to a projector, or manually when you just want to be left alone.
– iCloud support for documents, notes, reminders that syncs immediately and seamlessly. Edit a document on your phone, and it’s already changed on your Mac.
– New Safari features the fastest JavaScript engine, unified search field (just like my personal favorite Chrome!), and iCloud tabs which sync your open tabs between all of your devices (including other Macs, iPhones, iPod touches and iPads)
– Support for HiDPI displays like the new retina MacBook Pro
Airplay to share your screen instantly to an Apple TV, just like your iPad or iPhone does today. The quickest way to get your computer to display on a TV or Projector in full 1080p HD.

and much, much more! Apple is bringing more than 200 new features to Mountain Lion, so this is far from the only exciting new features we’re going to find out about Apple’s latest desktop (and laptop!) operating system :)