Store your documents in the cloud with OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” and iCloud

Mountain Lion, a.k.a. the next-gen version of Apple’s OS X operating system that powers its laptop and desktop computers, is going to be a big focus at Apple’s annual WWDC conference for app developers this year. The latest version of Apple’s Pages word processing app (as well as Numbers and Keynote) will bring desktop users into the cloud in a big way with “Documents in the Cloud,” a new Apple initiative to help sync your docs across all of your devices seamlessly. No longer will you be stuck managing your cloud folders on different services—with Documents in the Cloud, every time you open up one of Apple’s productivity apps—BAM! your documents are right there no matter which device (Mac, iPad or iPhone) you created them on.

Combine that with seamless Notes and Reminders integration through iCloud and Mountain Lion, your Mac will finally start to feel like a natural extension of your mobile experience. No matter which device you’re on, whether it’s a desktop iMac or your iPad, you’ll be working with the same lists, notes and documents. Thankfully, it looks like messy file management is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

A few other features that should spice up your desktop Mac experience are rolling out as well. Dictation (just like on iPhone 4S or iPad 3) will work in every app, not just Apple’s ones. So if you want to dictate a document straight into Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to do that with the click of a button on Mountain Lion.

Again, WWDC is happening live so we’ll be updating our coverage as the day goes on, so stay tuned to SmallBizGoMobile!