3 reasons why this #PowerHouse4040 event @JayZ ‘s @The4040 lounge is happening!

The party is over now, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop rocking out! Duracell Powermat is hooking up my fans with an EXCLUSIVE promo code for 20% off, but it’s available only for a short time and to the first 500 to order the 24-Hour Power System. Just enter the code powerhouse4040 before you check out. They’ve never discounted the product before, so this is huge! If you’ve seen the videos and the tweets from the #PowerHouse4040 party last night, then you know how awesome it is to be able to wirelessly charge your phone! So don’t delay, this is a limited time offer and exclusive for our followers! Get 20% off the Duracell Powermat 24-hour Charging System today with promo code powerhouse4040.

It’s almost here and we HAVE ALL BEEN working our tails off to have one of the most epic events of 2012! Join me, this Weds. Sept. 12th at JayZ’s lounge, that will be completely full of techies, entrepreneurs, internet & social media superstars, celebs and media!

To me the event is about 3 things:

1. A chance for you to use and see 1st hand the only venue in the country that has the Duracell Powermat wireless technology embedded into areas of the lounge. Have you seen the ads all over NYC? (see youtube video below) In the lounge, you lay your phone down with the Duracell Powermat case on it and it starts charging. Soon this will be in airports, restaurants, cars and more!

2.  To celebrate the success and the social community of my favorite mobile video app Socialcam! The internet startup has grown phenomenally fast, it’s my main distribution point for sharing online video and we wanted to have a party to celebrate all the socialcammers out there! The socialcam app user base consists of quite a few known and up & coming celebs and influencers as well as some big brands that will be in attendance!

3. To get more dialogue going about the Power of Social Video with a lively panel discussion. Invited media will get to hear about trends from awesome panelists ranging from Facebook, Socialcams CEO Michael Siebel (who recently positioned 18 month old Socialcam to be acquired for $60 million), Socialcam star AJ McClean (Backstreet Boys), Duracell Powermat CEO and more. I’ll be the MC :-)

I hope you can join us! There will be food, drinks and awesome people – what else is there? The event RSVP’s have been pouring in and we have more RSVP’s then the place can hold. ! So if you plan to be there – SHOW UP EARLY – DOORS OPEN at 7pm. Don’t be fashionably late you may not get your fashionably-late-ass in the door! If I were you, be there by 7:15p!

If you have questions just send me a tweet @marioArmstrong – or send an email

Need more reasons to get pumped? Watch this vid!