Get a great deal on a new TV for the Super Bowl!

sony LED EX645 TV
Sony TV: Just Add Ravens!

With my beloved Baltimore Ravens about to smash their way back into the Super Bowl this weekend, I’m making sure that my at-home Super Bowl experience is going to be nothing short of amazing! But that doesn’t mean simply heading out and blowing a bunch of money on a new TV. Instead, this year I’m taking a look at a few models that are ON SALE this weekend. I’ve also got some tips for TV shopping, mounting a TV to a wall, and more to make sure your viewing experience this weekend will be PERFECT!

And don’t forget—Ravens fans in Baltimore can join me LIVE on the TODAY show and display their support by joining me from 6am-9am at the Inner Harbor Amphitheatre this Friday, February 1st!


Before you run out and spend a lot of money on a brand new TV to watch the Super Bowl, you will want to do some logical things that will save you time and money in the long run.

· When trying to decide what size TV you want, the first thing you should do is cut out pieces of cardboard to match the exact dimensions of the TVs you are considering. Then, place that cardboard in the area you are going to place the TV. How does it fit?

· Is there enough room around it (at least an inch or 2) for proper ventilation?

· Just like when you are buying a piece of furniture or a new rug, you want to make sure that the size you REALLY want is going to REALLY fit.

· They look a lot bigger when they are in your home than in the large open store!


If you are planning on mounting the TV make sure to choose a space that:

1. Won’t pick up reflections from lights

2. Is comfortable to watch, don’t place it too high or you will feel like you are in the front row of the movie theater.

3. Make sure you assess how many devices you need to connect to your TV and get a TV with enough HDMI inputs to connect to all your gear. If you have older gear with component-video or standard yellow video connections, or if you want to connect a computer, be sure those inputs are available on the TV, too.

Here are 3 great Super Bowl deals on TVs:

LG 47” LED – Regular Price $699.99 – SALE Price $579.00 (Available at Target)

Perfect for someone who is on a tight budget but wants/needs a new TV below $600. Big screen size for lowest possible price.

· Ultraslim design—1 ½” deep. Great for mounting on walls.

· One Drawback – ONLY 2 HDMI inputs (for your cable box & dvd player but that would be it, so know how many hdmi connections u need & get an hdmi hub if you need more ports)

· 1080p and 120Hz refresh rate. (Great for sports action)

· 2 USB ports to connect your camera or other devices

Sony 50”EX645 Internet TV – Regular Price $1299.99 – SALE Price $1099.99 – (Available at

Perfect for the person who wants a bit larger screen & Internet TV options.

· Internet TV allows for built in Wi-Fi for streaming entertainment. Get tons of movies, shows, games and music all right there! Also allows you to connect to the internet to view sites like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and more. Like having a huge laptop!

· Has Motionflow XR 240 technology which is awesome for watching programs with a lot of movement—like the Super Bowl!

· 1080p LED TV.

· 4 HDMI inputs—3 in the back and 1 on the side.

60” Sharp – Regular Price $1,499.99 – SALE Price $1,099.99 (Available at Best Buy)

· This is a great deal at $400 bucks off.

· A great way to watch the Big Game!

· Smart TV with built in Wi-Fi. Gives you access to stream movies and shows as well as check out your favorite sites from the internet.

· 4 HDMi inputs

· 1080p LED TV

One drawback to this TV – the TV speakers are small & in the back so you will absolutely need to connect this to a sound system or sound bar.


Internet TVs are great, but if they are out of your price range, you can always buy a less expensive TV or upgrade your existing “dumb” TV to make it Smart by adding devices like Apple TV, Roku or a Blu-Ray Player.

zvox 220 soundbar
a soundbar can be a great way to upgrade your watching experience without buying a totally new TV


· If you can’t afford a new TV or you are happy with your existing TV invest in a sound bar to enhance your Super Bowl viewing experience.

These sound bars are easy to connect with one cable and bring instant virtual surround sound to your tv. These are the easiest an most economical way to get better sound to your big screen.

· Sound bars can also streamline your layout and help declutter all your speaker wires etc.

· As with the TVs, sound bars vary in size, sound, and features. Make sure to do your homework when purchasing!

Zvox 220 Sound Bar – $199.99 (Available at

· Great design—these fit under the TV. It is only 17” wide. Really blends in with the look

· The virtual surround sound very good especially since its just a single speaker cabinet.

· Great bass! A built in Subwoofer gives you that heavy bass w/no external cabinets or speaker wires.

· Output leveling feature tames loud commercials—turning them down automatically.

· My favorite feature I use a lot on these is called Dialog Emphasis (DE)—this enables you to hear the announcer speaking during the game as the crowd is cheering.

· Zvox makes a variety of Sound Bars. They vary in size and output. We also have the 320 in studio which costs $249.99 and is similar to the 220 but has a larger base to place larger TVs on.


· Always take the time to compare specs, reviews and prices online before you make your decision. It will save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

· Always adjust & tweak the settings. Don’t expect it to look like it did in the store. YOU HAVE to tweak and calibrate the display settings to be best for your environment.