How to Get Everything Cheaper

The are tons of different ways to use tech to save money on EVERYTHING. Making sure you have the right apps on your phone and knowing which websites to check can mean the difference between paying full price and getting a discount.

Check my top recommendations for site and apps to help you save money below:

Rent The Runway

For the fashionista on a budget! This is a great website where women can rent high-end dresses and accessories at a fraction of what it would cost to buy it.

Red Laser-

A free app that transforms your phone into a barcode scanner.  Helps you to comparison shop both in store and online—you can even purchase right from your phone when you find the best deal!

Fare Compare-

A wonderful travel comparison website that lets you plug in the dates you want to travel, and it will comparison shop between the online travel sites like Orbitz, Priceline, TripAdvisor, etc, to find the best deals out of all of them in one place. Saves you money AND time!

Key Ring-

A free app that allows you to scan in all of your loyalty, reward, and membership cards from retailers all around the country so you can both save money and de-clutter your wallet.   It also offers digital coupons that go directly to your phone.

Hotel Tonight-

A free app that gives you last minute (within 24 hours) hotel deals on unsold rooms with discounts up to 70% off!!!!  So great for a quick getaway with your honey or if you end up unexpectedly without a place to stay in a strange city on a budget.

Vera—Save Love Give-

A free app that monitors your cell phone bill monthly so it can report your unused minutes and data back to you.  It helps you reduce wireless waste and reuse everyday minutes all while giving the money you saved to Seven Bar-a foundation that gives microloans to women in need.  So you can save minutes and data while giving to those in need, how great is that?


SnipSnap is a free app that allows you to take a picture of any printed offer or coupon and it will convert the image, text, and barcodes into a mobile optimized offer which you can redeem off of your screen. No more clipping, but you still get all the same savings!


A free app that pays you when you go to the gym and fines you when you don’t.  Users set a goal each week of how many times they will go to the gym and agree to a fine if they don’t do it.  If they succeed in their goal, they are paid out by the users who did not meet their goals!  Motivation to not lose money, but to earn it.

Retail Me Not

This is a SUPER EASY to use website that has coupons for online purchases as well as printable coupons for over 50,000 retailers (you can even have the coupons sent to your phone to use when you are on the go—no more hassling with cutting and keeping track of little pieces of paper.). You can also connect to the site through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Mambo Sprouts

A site that gives you valuable coupons to natural, organic, and health products both online and as printable coupons. Everyone knows how wonderful organic food is, but it is also CRAZY EXPENSIVE! This is a great way to cut down on some of your healthy purchase.

Whole Foods (Also known as “Whole Paycheck”)

Everyone loves this grocery store, but it is so expensive! If you visit their website, they offer a lot of coupons to help whittle that receipt on your healthy food down.

A tremendous site for people who want to be up with the latest in fashion and design, but don’t want to spend a fortune to have the look. Furniture, home accessories, clothing, jewelry—just about anything you can think of they have it covered at a discount. Also have a mobile app that makes it easy!