I care and your biz should too! Texting and driving? #ItCanWait

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an advocate for no texting and driving. I know it can be tempting, but every time you pick up that smartphone while driving you’re putting other drivers, pedestrians, and yourself at risk.

That’s why I agreed to serve as an MC and a guest speaker at one of AT&T’s #ItCanWait events today at Heritage Christian Academy in Ballwin, Missouri.

Photo credit: @alkeefe8388. Courtesy West News Magazine.

I spoke to an audience of not only students, teachers and staff but the Mayor, the Chief of Police and the City Administrator. It was good to see a solid turnout in support of AT&T’s campaign to get students to stop texting and driving since teenagers often have the most difficulty managing their smartphone use while on the road.

I gave the students tips on how to deal with situations in the car that’ll pop up. Not one to miss an opportunity to inspire the next generation, I also talked to them about STEAM & how to tie their passions to tech education & entrepreneurship.

As part of AT&T’s #ItCanWait campaign on Facebook, when your business agrees to stop texting and driving, you can nominate a local school, giving them a chance to win $1000. As you can see in the picture above, I was able to help in presenting that giant check to the school. This is a great chance to do some good for your community and your business. Click this link to sign up and take the pledge today over on Facebook.