My #NeverSettleClub 5 Week Course Kicks Off Today!

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If you know me or follow me then you know I’m ALL about positivity, pursuing your dream and profiting from your passion! You also know I’m dedicated to helping others do the same thing. That’s the idea behind the #NeverSettleClub™, and my new 5 week interactive course for anyone looking to escape the 9-5 or take entrepreneurship to the next level.

I really want to do two things: share my experience and expertise, and create a community where we can inspire, educate and support each other. So for 5 weeks I’ll be posting a video each week on a new topic, complete with homework and exercises, that will help you get to your goals. Then at the end of each week we’ll do a live video event to catch up on your questions and feedback.

All of my videos and homework will be posted to our #NeverSettleClub Facebook group. That way we’re creating a community and a place where we can actually have an ongoing conversation.

The best part? It’s FREE! And it kicks off today! Join our #NeverSettleClub Facebook Group to get all the latest videos, comments and feedback from your entrepreneurial peers – let’s Never Settle together!