#BeRelentless: Week 5 of #NeverSettleClub

For week 5 of my #NeverSettleClub I’m teaching you how to #BeRelentless and keep pushing beyond the end of the program to turn your passions into profits. This week, I teach you how to set big, meaningful goals for your business, how to create an executive summary about what your business does, and I push you to create a comprehensive 90-day plan to keep your momentum going!

There’s also a huge announcement about how the #NeverSettleClub will continue beyond these initial 5 weeks! You’ll have to watch the video to learn more.

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My #NeverSettleClub 5 Week Course Kicks Off Today!

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If you know me or follow me then you know I’m ALL about positivity, pursuing your dream and profiting from your passion! You also know I’m dedicated to helping others do the same thing. That’s the idea behind the #NeverSettleClub™, and my new 5 week interactive course for anyone looking to escape the 9-5 or take entrepreneurship to the next level.

I really want to do two things: share my experience and expertise, and create a community where we can inspire, educate and support each other. So for 5 weeks I’ll be posting a video each week on a new topic, complete with homework and exercises, that will help you get to your goals. Then at the end of each week we’ll do a live video event to catch up on your questions and feedback.

All of my videos and homework will be posted to our #NeverSettleClub Facebook group. That way we’re creating a community and a place where we can actually have an ongoing conversation.

The best part? It’s FREE! And it kicks off today! Join our #NeverSettleClub Facebook Group to get all the latest videos, comments and feedback from your entrepreneurial peers – let’s Never Settle together!


5 Hashtags for your Startup or Small Business to Use This Summer

While the kids are gearing up for their summer vacations, if you’re an entrepreneur or involved with a small business, this is no time to slack off! With visions of beaches in exotic locations swimming through your head, it can be hard to stay focused and make sure you build your business and grow your brand all summer long!

To help inspire you to stay motivated this summer, I’ve selected five hashtags that should really help to pump you up!

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Two Quick Tips to Build your Social Media Presence!

It sounds a bit cliché, but building a large social media following can literally transform your life! It means an expanded network with tons of resources, an easy way to generate revenue, and a way to get your big ideas out into the world!

Whether you’re just starting out or simply looking to improve your online following, I’ve got a couple of tips today that should help.

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4 Things To Consider Before Building An App for Your Business

apps for small business

Many people are still confused with the term, “mobile app” and typically associate it with applications that are built for a single platform and downloaded from an app store. On the business side, organizations see how popular mobile apps have become among consumers, and wonder how they should approach mobile app development for their business.

Obviously, there’s more to know before racing ahead to build a mobile business app.  In order to meet your users’ needs and your company’s return on investment (ROI), consider the following:

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Want a Promotion? Find a Mentor…or Become One!

find a mentor
According to an internal HR study done by Sun Microsystems, their employees who were also mentees were 5 times more likely to be promoted. Mentors, on the other hand, were six times more likely to be promoted. It’s a win-win situation, with everyone benefiting from experience, outside perspective and problem-solving.

Even if you work for a small business – or yourself! – it makes sense to look to a mentor for their advice, especially if you can find one that’s “been there.” Keep reading for some tips on how to find a mentor, what to look for in a mentor, and a couple of dos and don’ts when reaching out!

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