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Anyone can learn to code – why I’m backing code.org

The fact is, anybody can learn how to write computer code. It isn’t like basketball or football. where you either have the talent or don’t—learning to write code is something that can, and SHOULD, be taught to everyone in school. The problem is, not all students have access to computers and the training materials or […]

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CES 2013 Innovation Award: The WeMo Baby Monitor and App

The Innovation Awards at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) helps sort through the tons of gadgets at the show to highlight some of the most useful, interesting and groundbreaking. The focus is really on new stuff that you might actually want, and will be available to the general public. First up? The WeMo Baby Monitor & App […]

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Celebrity traveler: Tech expert Mario Armstrong recharges in St. Thomas

As a technology commentator on NBC’s “Today” show, CNN and NPR, among others, Mario Armstrong knows how to effortlessly translate high-tech topics for low-tech audiences. Despite his expertise, when it comes to travel, Armstrong doesn’t exactly have a teleport. He still relies on the usual trains, planes and hotels. In a brief break from his […]

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Mix Business with pleasure this weekend: Fun Halloween iPad apps

Sure, we all love our iPads for business stuff- there are some great productivity apps like My Eyes Only, FTP on the Go, and Evernote.  If you’re like me, though, you like to mix a little fun in with your work gadgets. And, what’s more fun than Halloween? For seasonal kicks, there are some cool […]

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Mario Armstrong on CNN Today demonstrating Nintendo Wii Fit

SPECIAL ALERT:Watch Mario today (Sunday May 25th) sometime between 4pm-4:30pm EST on CNN Live – discussing the new Wii Fit game by Nintendo. After the segment join me in my ustream chatroom OR below to discuss more and answer more of your questions about the Wii Fit.

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A few rules to buying your big screen tv

TIPS to think about before buying: Turn down the bright screen – when shopping check the brightness of the tv, have the salesperson lower the settings, they usually have the brightness up really high. When comparing 2 or more tv’s try and lower the brightness of all tv’s til they look equal. #2 More bright lights- our […]

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