CES2013: Got Big Fingers? And an iPhone? Try a Touch-Sensitive Case

This one is a little tough to describe, so hold on for me. If you have an iPhone, you probably know that sometimes the width of your own fingers gets in the way of what you’re trying to see or an icon you’re trying to move. And sure it’s not life-threatening or anything, but either way it’s a problem someone’s trying to solve. Check out the demo of the touch-sensitive case to see what I mean!

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CES2013: Awesome Flash Drive for Apple Devices

I know “flash drive” and “external storage” aren’t the most groundbreaking thing at CES, but this really is an awesome flash drive. Seriously.

It’s for Apple devices, and it can work with either 30 pin connectors OR the new lightning dock, so it’s already way more useful than lots of devices out there! On the other end is a USB, so it’s still a great way to transfer from your phone or iPad to a laptop, but it also lets you stream directly from the device! That means you can listen to music through your iPhone from the drive, or use Airplay to stream from the flash drive to your phone to a TV.

Still not sold? Watch the video to see it in action!


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What You Should Know About Apple & CES

First up, if you’re an Apple fan and looking for the latest iPhone, iPad or Mac news from CES, don’t hold your breath. Apple doesn’t actually show up at CES themselves, so there won’t be any major announcements from them this year. You’ll have to wait at least a few weeks to see if Apple has any new products at their own launch events.

But that doesn’t mean accessories for Apple’s devices won’t be here. In fact, with companies just starting to release new products that take advantage of the iPhone 5 and the latest gen iPad & ipad mini’s Lightning port, there are going to be tons of Apple-related products to show off. Plus, tons of apps and devices that work with apps will be launching at this year’s CES, plus everything from wireless charging solutions for the iPhone to the latest and greatest iPad cases, keyboard docks, and who knows what other innovations, there will be tons of accessories and innovative technologies that add value to Apple’s products on display this year.

So even though Apple themselves won’t be here, we’ll be checking out everything Apple all week long—stay tuned!

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