Frenzy for Mac Adds Social Network Layer to Dropbox

If you’ve been following Small Biz Go Mobile for awhile, then you should know that I am a strong advocate for the Dropbox cloud storage service. I can sync all my business and personal files across all of my devices and sync/share my files with other users whether they use Dropbox or not. Dropbox is pretty popular with the masses as well. Other mobile, web, and computer apps/services are starting to add Dropbox integration as well.

One such service is called Frenzy and it essentially wraps a small social network around users by giving them the ability to have a discussion about the files they share via Dropbox. Now, before I get you all excited and ready to try out Frenzy, you need a Dropbox account (get a free 2GB account here) and Frenzy is currently only available for Mac laptops and desktops…But, I would assume the developer(s) behind Frenzy would more than gladly add a mobile app and Windows support if there is a demand.

If you fit the minimum system requirements, and work with a group who shares Dropbox files, Frenzy may just bridge the gap between your Dropbox files and the gobs of text messages, IM’s, and emails you send about those files. Simply download Frenzy, select which shared Dropbox folders you want to use, and any files or links can be shared by using the control+option+S button sequence on your Mac. The Frenzy window will pop up, insert your file, and offer a window to add text, a description…whatever it you want to say about the file.

All of your files and conversations live in Dropbox and the cloud, so no additional space is used when sharing files between folders. Additionally, Frenzy works offline, so if you do manage fire off a couple of files while off the grid, your files will be sent as soon as your connect to a network.

So instead of sending an email with an attachment for the recipient to open, download, and save to a Dropbox folder; instead of sharing a file, then hopping on your smartphone or switching to IM to send a message about the file; Frenzy can be your one-stop-shop for Dropbox file sharing/communication.

The Frenzy Mac client is currently in beta, so head on over to the developer’s website to download while it’s still monetarily advantageous (read: free).

SugarSync Takes It To Dropbox With Advanced File Sharing

Ruh Roh!

Those of you who follow SmallBizGoMobile (and my posts) know that I am an avid Dropbox fan. The ability to synchronize my files across ALL my devices in the cloud is enough of a feature alone to keep me as a loyal customer.

I am the owner/operator of a [very] small personal technology consultant business, so I’m the only one accessing my Dropbox files. But what if I blow up and start to bring on employees? File sharing is okay in Dropbox, but it’s just one public folder (or via sharing links to files) that I have to first upload files to, then share that folder to another Dropbox user. What if I need to share AND synchronize all my files across all my devices and all my employees?

Sugarsync just may be in your (and my) future with its new file sharing capabilities:

The new multi-user sync capability allows for folders shared among an assigned group to be immediately synced between all parties. As soon as shared files are updated by a user, each person will find the most up-to-date information on his/her computer.

That means with the multi-user capability enabled, you can select users to share files/folders with and the files/folders you want to share. Now any time that file/folder is updated by you OR the person you are sharing the file with, that file/folder is updated for everyone. Additionally, if somebody shares a folder with you, it doesn’t count against your account file storage limit.

Sugarsync has several other news features like password protection & “Read Only” permissions that will keep your files safe; and keeping up to 5 previous versions of files so you can see a files’ changes and revert back to a previous version if need be.

*Need some good stuff to say about Dropbox*

Sugarsync is available on iOS, Android & BlackBerry mobile devices and is free to TRY for thirty days…Dropbox is FREE always as long as you stay within the 2GB storage limit (You can get up to 16GB additional Gigabytes of storage when you refer other people, and your referrals get extra space too…that reminds me: Hook Me Up!).

Outside of that, SugarSync puts up a good fight with Dropbox on pricing. For 50 Gigs of Dropbox space, you will shell out 10 bucks a month, compared to SugarSync’s 5 bucks/month for 30 Gigs and 10 bucks/month for 60 Gigs of cloud storage space. Additionally, SugarSync offers new business plans in addition to individual plans that come with extra file control and support features.

Like I stated earlier, my current operation is small and Dropbox fits me well. One of these days, I would like to expand. When I do, my cloud storage capabilities may need to expand to SugarSync as well.

*Your move Dropbox*