Samsung Galaxy Note & Intuit GoPayment Bring Mobile Payments Everywhere

Mobile payments are about to be everywhere, and small business owners should do their research now about how best to incorporate this new technology into their business practices.Galaxy Note with Intuit GoPayment

AT&T is now targeting small businesses with a combined solution in the Intuit GoPayment Card Reader plus Samsung Galaxy Note running on 4G LTE. The  GoPayment reader comes with the Samsung device to swipe cards anywhere, anytime.

Intuit, Inc. is also the parent company of QuickBooks, so it’s easy to integrate your “everywhere” sales with one merchant account and all your standard business record keeping. And you may actually pay less for the privilege of accepting credit cards than you would with a traditional merchant services provider.

With the GoPayment reader there’s no set-up fee, no monthly charge minimum, and no transaction fee.  In the pay-per-transaction model swipes cost only 2.7% and manual transactions cost 3.7%. Businesses that anticipate more than $130 of swipes per month should go with the subscription plan, which charges $12.95 a month, but charges 1% less per transaction (1.7% per swiped transaction and 2.7% for manual entries).

AT&T Premier customers can get the whole (4G LTE!) package for a discount through their website. (Full disclosure: AT&T helps sponsor SmallBizGoMobile.) Previous SmallBizGoMobile coverage of Intuit’s GoPayment and its integration with QuickBooks POS can be found here.

Comparing Mobile Payment Technologies: PayPal? Square? Verifone? A look at all three

As you may know, the market for allowing individuals and small businesses to accept credit card payment through mobile devices is really blowing up.  In fact, just this morning I saw a television commercial for Square’s mobile payment service. PayPal is even getting into the game with their ‘PayPal Here’ solution.

We’ve talked about Square a lot here, as well as Venmo and other ways for folks to pay (and get paid) on the go.  I’m excited about these technologies, because they empower individuals and small businesses through lowering their bar for credit card integration.  Now that the powerhouse of digital payments, PayPal, has entered the space, we can be pretty sure that this type of technology is here to stay. So, the only thing left to do is to compare them and see which fits best for you and your business.

So, how do these different providers stack up? Read More

Competition in Mobile Credit Card Processing Helps the Business Owner

In a move that seems designed to take some of the wind out of Square’s sails (who just this week received an investment from Visa), Intuit’s GoPayment mobile credit card swiping service is dropping their per transaction fees.  The clear winner here is neither Square or Intuit, though, but the business owners and entrepreneurs who are using these devices.  Fees don’t affect consumers, but they do directly impact bottom lines.